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“Knots” and Trigger points – What are they?

I get asked this question by many of my clients. These terms seem to be commonplace, yet most people don’t really have an understanding of what they are or what causes them. Muscle “knots” or trigger points are basically made up of muscle tissues and surrounding tissues that have become restricted. This can occur during prolonged positions of posture or repetitive motions from work or play. Many times, stress alone can cause us to subconsciously contract certain muscles for prolonged periods during the day or night. The muscle tissues can begin to form tight, contracted areas of fibers as a response to the overuse or even damage occurring to the muscle tissues. This tightness and contraction can weaken the muscles, causing them to not function at their full potential and; therefore, cause YOU to not function at YOUR full potential.

Massage can help increase circulation to these areas to alleviate this tension. A trigger point is found when specific pressure on the affected area causes tenderness or pain that resonates in that place or refers pain or tenderness to other areas. When your massage therapist holds this pressure, it can “reset” the muscle, causing the muscle to relax and circulation to increase. Regular massage therapy helps alleviate repetitive muscle strain to reduce injury, increase range of motion, and so much more… so that you can feel better and live better while focusing on the things you love!

-Cassidy Dittmer, LMT