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My Services

Deep Bodywork Massage
Surrender tension and stress with a massage designed to meet your unique needs!









Swedish Massage
This massage features Swedish and relaxation techniques with lighter, flowing pressure to induce peace and balance in mind, body, and spirit.








Prenatal Massage (14+ weeks)
Both mom and baby enjoy relief and comfort on a prenatal table designed for mothers and their growing baby.









Hot Stone Massage
The warmth and comfort of smooth basalt stones melt away stress during this relaxing and therapeutic massage. Perfect for colder seasons! (Offered seasonally November-April)









Lymphatic Massage
This calming, gentle massage stimulates and assists the lymphatic system to rid your body of accumulated waste, boosting health and immune function. Recommended at least twice per year or at each season change.









Sinus and Foot Hot Towel Wrap
Warm, steamy towels infused with eucalyptus and mint awaken airways and alleviate stiffness as they are applied to areas of the face, neck, chest, and feet. Soothing massage and reflexology lift the spirit and encourage balance and renewal. 

Fabulous Feet – Foot Soak and Reflexology Massage
Soak away your troubles in a warm foot bath of Epsom salts, followed by foot massage with reflexology to renew and rejuvenate the whole body.

Nutritional Wellness Consultation
Explore nutritional solutions to increase energy and mental clarity, break through weight loss plateaus to achieve your health goals, and maintain your health goals while optimizing your body’s vitality and promoting detoxification. Give your body the best fighting chance it has against dis-ease by feeding it the nutrition it needs replenished on a daily basis to function optimally. Stop dieting and start LIVING!

Reward Card:

Buy 5, Get the 6th HALF OFF !!
Your reward card gets initialed at each session of 60-minutes or longer to earn your way to your next  HALF OFF session!

Massage Membership Discount Program:

Become a massage member and receive a incredible discounts every  month on services as a reward for making massage therapy part of your health and wellness routine. Contact me for all the specific details!

**Member must maintain membership for minimum of 3 months prior to discontinuing the program and present request to discontinue in writing within 5 business days of payment withdrawal date. Appointment must be scheduled on or after the chosen payment date.


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