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Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Light, soothing massage to help increase immunity and improve health and vitality.

The lymphatic system is crucial to our health. It manufactures most of the body’s white blood cells. It also helps nourish the body by transporting various nutrients, minerals, proteins, salts, hormones, and fats to all parts of the body.

Most of the cells of the body receive their nutrients through the lymphatic fluids. Lymph nodes can be found in clusters in the groin, armpit, spine, throat, etc. These lymph nodes collect waste products and then turn them over to the blood for removal through the lungs, kidneys, colon, and skin. Excess proteins and waste can block the lymph system, creating the potential for many degenerative diseases and cancer.

It is important to keep our lymphatic system clean and healthy by eating foods that are non-congesting, exercising regularly, and drinking plenty of pure water each day. Lymphatic massage is a very gentle, soothing massage that focuses on the lymph glands which are mostly very superficial to the skin. It is a slow, methodical, and relaxing approach that helps move the wastes and fluids through the system to increase function and removal of excess proteins and toxins that can clog it.

Most people feel no specific affects after a lymphatic massage, but some may report a slight headache or nausea that occurs briefly. This is due to the increase in removing toxins and should be corrected by increasing the intake of water for a couple of days. I recommend getting a lymphatic massage in late winter/early spring and again later in the year in the fall.



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