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Therapeutic Massage

Deep Bodywork Massage

Customized therapy-focused massage to help you feel and live better.

A therapeutic massage session incorporates many different techniques, such as Swedish, trigger point, and deep tissue to encourage a therapeutic result. Essentially, my goal is to provide a relaxing experience that also targets problem areas, leaving you feeling relaxed and better than when you arrived.

In my experience, it is most beneficial to use pressure that is effective without causing a muscle to tense or contract. If the pressure is too much and the muscle cannot maintain a relaxed state then the massage technique will not produce a therapeutic result.

As everyone has different preferences, it is important that the client communicate with me during the massage if an area is sensitive or pressure is too deep. I will adjust my techniques and pressure to provide the professional massage experience you request.

I am very thorough and will use my best judgement and your feedback to determine what areas would benefit from more attention. It is my goal to help you feel better, so you can better enjoy the things in life that you love!



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