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20304502_sbull“As a professional football player I’ve had many massages over the years, but this is, hands down, the best massage I’ve ever had.”


bull“For months I couldn’t raise my leg out in front of me and now, after just two sessions with Cassidy, I have full range of motion!”

bull“I used to get migraine headaches twice per week and they would cause me to lose an entire day lying in bed. Now, I get regular headaches once or twice per month, but the migraines have not returned!”

bull“Best massage EVER!”

bull“I’ve been seeing Cassidy every four weeks for massage for years. Any time I’ve missed an appointment due to vacation or illness, I’ve injured or strained my back. Now I make sure I see her every four weeks as maintenance to keep my muscles working properly and I don’t have any problems.”

bull“Cassidy always remembers what we chatted about or what I have going on in my life and genuinely cares.”

bull“Cassidy does not charge enough for the work she does!”